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28th January 2017 – Release of Anno Domini 2017, v1.04 Build 1

The engine used to calculate the position and times of the planets has been completely rewritten to increase accuracy of rise/set times to 1 arc second. Altitude and transit times are also more accurate as a result. This has been achieved by making full use of the VSOP 87 tables to their full accuracy. The database of locations has been updated to include support for WOEID (Where On Earth Identifiers). Anno Domini now fully supports the changeover from XML to Javascript Object Notation (JSON). Anno Domini will now also provide weather forecasts for user-defined locations by using the latitude and longitude of the user-defined location. is now the default provider of weather data. A number of changes have been made to how Anno Domini deals with Daylight Saving Time (DST). The times of perigee, apogee, perihelion and aphelion now correctly adjust for time zone and daylight saving time. Selecting No Daylight Saving Time from the Options tab will also adjust all times displayed to ignore DST. The format of the Astronomy tab has been altered to allow for a new entry which displays the closest perigee of the Moon for the current year. Also, azimuths and altitudes are now displayed with 3 digits of precision. This allows the use of the Real-Time Astronomy option to show changes in the position of the Sun, Moon and major planets to be updated every second.

The Planets tab now allows the user to select a given date and time within a calendar year. The Sun tab also has the same feature added and has also been modified to allow comparisons with your chosen planet. The current home location is now displayed in the title bar of Anno Domini and the start and finish dates of Daylight Saving Time are now displayed in the Calendar, Moon Phases, Astronomy, Planets and Sun tabs. The total number of Calendar Reports has been increased to 26 for Professional users. Four completely new reports have also been added including three new landscape format reports and a report to display the dates and times of apogee and perigee. The dates and times of Moon phases in a given year have also been added to the 1 Year + Events report. A number of reports have also had their appearance altered by having grids displayed around the calendar. A number of new locations have been added to the location database which regularly have either extreme low temperatures or extreme high temperatures and changes have been made to the DST rules for Azerbaijan, Chile, Cuba, Egypt, Haiti, Iran, Jordan, Palestinian Territories and Tonga for 2017. The Desktop Weather Launcher now displays the current weather conditions for your home location and the ability to print calendars between 1 AD and 1752 AD has been added to a number of the reports.

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Copyright (C) Enzo Ciaffarafá, 1995 - 2017